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  • ● Resolve performance
  • Migrate data from current computer to new computer
  • Install automatic data backup / system imaging software
  • General computer maintenance & repair
  • More services...

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virus removal


  • Pesky viruses got you
    down? Getting pop-ups for rogue antivirus software, or worse? Our guaranteed virus removal techniques ensure you'll be back up & running virus-free in no time.

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Data recovery


  • PC won't boot?
  • Afraid of losing your accounting information? Irreplaceable pictures? Emails or documentation? We will assess the state of your hard drive for free and recover your data at a fraction of what most shops charge.

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welcome to afterimage consulting

I'd like to personally welcome you to our home on the web (but since I can't see you, this will have to do). I like to say our company "puts personalized service back into personal computing." Here's what I mean by that: Back in the mid-90s, tech support was often free, provided by the manufacturer of whatever the software or hardware in question was. These days, in the business world's frenzy to be efficient, support has often been the first thing to be cut (or be outsourced). That has created a vacuum for companies like Afterimage Consulting to fill.

When you deal with us, we treat you how we'd like to be treated. In most cases, we can serve you right away (same day) and we endeavor to have most problems resolved on-site or within 24-48 hours. We service business and residential clients literally from Amboy, WA to Sherwood, OR. Our clients include manufacturers, restaurants, attorneys, mortgage brokers, engineers and much more... and we have experience servicing clients with as many as 1400 computers, or as few as one.

To find out how we separate ourselves from our competitors, give us a call at 360.450.5028. We'd love to hear from you. 

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